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Let me tell you...

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  (Just in case the pink on the NFL field didn't make that clear.) November 6th will mark my seventh year battling this disease.  My husband and I "joke" that I have been sick nearly half our marriage (15 years).  We're taking that "in sickness and in health" vow to heart. Let me tell you about my husband. He is the WORST gift giver.  At the beginning of our marriage he would gift me with moo-moos from Kohl's.  And then after A LOT of wife-y education he once decided to give me diamond earrings for my birthday.  Thing is, I was wearing my grandmother's diamond earrings, which my husband accompanied me to the jeweler to reset and which I wore on our wedding day, when he gave me those diamond earrings.  He does NOT get birthdays or anniversaries or Christmas.  If I want it, I send the photo and a VERY unsubtle email/text to my husband - these are my sizes, favorite colors, GET ME THIS EXACT IMAGE. Let me t