My Family Shouldn't Read

I promise my next post will be sarcastic and funny.  Scouts honor.  (I was never a scout so I may be lying.)

This post is very raw.  You've been warned.

I wouldn't say I've planned my funeral.

But I have ideas of how it should go.  I mean, I've been given a death sentence.  Shouldn't I have the right to plan my own funeral?  Shouldn't we all?  (The answer is yes, by the way.)

I have a song list.  Some can be sung at the funeral.  But, in the end, I want people to leave the funeral with a soundtrack.  Literally a soundtrack. (My God, I'm vain.)  Yes, I'm that awesome. (Again-vain.)  

I want people to remember me.  (Selfish bitch.)  Oh let's be honest, we all want to be remembered.  We all deserve to be remembered.  Even the assholes who voted for and still support Trump.  And Bob Kraft.  But I digress.

We all have songs that define us.  If you're like me, these songs encompass all genres of music and cut across time.  As music should.  I mean, who hasn't had a song remind them of where they were, who they were with, how that moment felt.

Music transcends time.

We all deserve a soundtrack.

I have my soundtrack.  


Not gonna tell you! 


  1. Totally agree... We all plan so many others in life .... What house we live in, town we live in, having children, Dinner plans, movies to watch...what car we drive, our vacations 👍 our weddings
    So why not out final plans or last sound track...
    When Jamie died... Obviously our hearts broke 💔 as our loss set in arrangements were made... Not knowing exactly what he wanted. (He wouldn't talk about it) other than don't put me on display 😔 we all realized all the songs that reminded us of him... The songs he loved. Renee made a music list from mine and his daughters suggestions, I like your final sound track better.
    We rented a large boat for this kinda thing and took his ashes to be spread.... Played that soundtrack the whole time..."oh he loved that song... Do you remember the time" we laughed and cried....
    You are amazing and strong, honest and I love you for being you ❤️ stay strong, positive, sarcastic and true 😊

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