How Did We Get Here?

I'm always happy to share my breast cancer journey with you, but the last two weeks I have been all-consumed with a visceral rage.  Not about breast cancer but about women's rights.  I can articulate my cancer journey with eloquence, but this war on women in our country has left me with the lack of eloquence.  I have the words, but I cannot fathom how to string them together.  Thank goodness I have a blog.  I'll practice on you.

Here's the thing.  I'm gonna be really pissed if I leave this earth and this megalomaniac is still president. 

And I'm gonna be beside myself if I die in a world where my daughter isn't afforded the same reproductive rights that I was afforded over 30 years ago. 

Shouldn't we be moving forward, or is it horrifically true that history repeats itself and we're just at the shitty end of the repetitive cycle?

I could go on, and on, and on about the unreasonable laws that are sweeping the nation.

And I do mean, on and on and on and on...

I have so much rage and so many logical arguments to counter these oppressive and misogynistic laws. 

But I'll give you just one of mine.  Aside from castration...but I digress.

(Deep breath)

I take the deep breath so that I can compose myself and my thoughts.  God forbid, as a female, I behave like Brett Kavanaugh did before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Cause you know, passionate women are hysterical.

(Channelling Brett)  What the fuck happened?!  How did we get here?!

Okay, okay.  Let's chillax. 

My logical argument...

Alabama.  I will have the baby that you forced me to have because I wasn't allowed an abortion, even though my brother raped me.  (For those of you not paying attention, that covers both rape and incest, neither of which is an acceptable reason for abortion in Alabama.)

That's cool, Alabama.  No need to worry or punish the perpetrator/rapist.  He's in the clear.  Phew.

Ah, but here's the deal, I'm making, Alabama.  You and your 25 WHITE MALE senators who voted in the most restrictive abortion law in the country, you all are gonna pay to raise my child. 

I didn't want this child.  I knew I couldn't support this child.  But you and the laws you enacted forced me to have this child. 

And as a rape victim, I'm personally experiencing PTSD and depression which requires medical treatment.  Y'all are gonna pay for that, too.  The state government required that I have this baby and didn't require the father do anything. 

It only makes sense.  You love these unborn babies.  You love these fetuses more than my rights.  So when I give birth to a baby I don't want, can't support, don't know how to love it so own it and raise it.

You want to tell me what to do with my body?  You want to LEGISLATE what to do with my body?  Hot damn.  Go for it.  Then you pay for the outcome. 

Can't wait to see you pay for my child to make it into the University of Alabama on your dime. 

Roll Tide.


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