There Is No Cure

I don't believe in a cure.

I'm not sure I have ever said that out loud or admitted to that belief, but it's true. I don't think there will ever be a vaccine or magic pill to cure us. I do hope, not believe, but hope, that there will be a medication that will let us live chronically with breast cancer. Something akin to the meds for HIV.

But no, I don't believe in a cure.

I don't see myself at 70, because the reality is, I won't see 70.

And yet, I am not without faith. Whatever that word may mean to each of you. I live with faith. I don't attend church, and frankly I don't care for it. I will pray and talk to my given "God" on my own terms and my own schedule. I don't need to dress up to speak to that "God" and I don't need to chant biblical sayings to be in my "God's" good favor. (Our father, who art in Heaven...)

To be clear, I bear no ill feelings for those who attend church, temple, pray in a mosque or any other religious institution.  I don't think them weak, followers, or consider them cult members. In truth, I admire the healing power they derive from their religion. Cause if there is anything I do believe in, it's the power of the mind.

But my faith is not a religious one. It knows no denomination and it's my own. I have no priest, pastor, reverend, rabbi, shaman, leader. My faith is rooted in my soul. I pray to myself and speak to myself. I am my own God. (Could there be anything more narcissistic!) And as such, you are all your own Gods, and you own your faith and a piece of your fate.

So I don't begrudge anyone's church or religion. I don't question anyone's beliefs (that's a lie. I judge and question Trump's beliefs everyday.) Because, the mind is a deeply powerful thing. The mind can heal you, scar you, haunt you, trick you, convince you. The mind can give you faith.

And me? I have faith in my mind.


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